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We are Bread & Butter

We are a group of young entrepreneurs dedicated/committed to solving the ongoing, global problem of food insecurity. We have developed Bread & Butter to do just that. Our platform has been proven to improve communication between food retailers (restaurants, supermarkets, cafés, etc.)  and charity organizations. Let's fight the war against hunger together!

The Big Problem

Waste En-masse

Together Restaurants, Supermarkets, and other food retailers, waste 45% of their surplus food inventory.

More Waste

Supermarkets in the U.S. toss out $15 billion of Fruits & Vegetables Annually.

The Cost of Waste Per Day

Every day, the average supermarket throws away $2300 of inventory 2, such as produce, seafood, meat, and dairy.


1 In 7 Homes Are Food Insecure

Our Solution


Don't waste time or precious storage space on surplus food. Donate when convenient for you!


Help those who need it the most, while also taking a step closer to ZERO waste.


Save money by taking advantage of tax incentives.

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The numbers behind Bread & Butter


Restaurants Enrolled


Foodbanks Enrolled


People Fed

The Power Behind Bread & Butter

We're here to make a change. Get to know us.

Maor Chasen


Maor is a happy full-stack web developer, having worked in the field for over 6…

Etai Evenhaim


Etai has been helping his community donate food since the age of 6. As a…

Jordan Banafsheha


Jordan has been designing and developing websites for customers around the U.S. for 4 years….

John F. Kennedy

"The war against hunger is truly
mankind's war of liberation."

Short Video

How does Bread & Butter work?

We've created this video to further explain how Bread & Butter works.

For more information, and for any question you may have, please email us.

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